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We are thrilled to be partnering with the Anderson family from Triple A Legacy Farm to offer a beef share this summer.  Brendon, Melanie and their twins, Henry and Ellie, are a third generation farm located south of Rimbey (only a few miles from us at Gathered and Grown).  


The Anderson's use holistic management practices to manage their herd and farm.  They believe in keeping their soil healthy to provided better feed for their animals.  The herd is rotationally grazed to provide the cattle with fresh grass as well as giving the grass an opportunity to rest and regernerate, keeping their pastures in top condition.


The animals raised for our farm share program have been born and raised on the farm.  Other than limited supplementation through the winter months, the animals are stricktly grass-fed.  The herd is vaccinated and does not regularily receive hormones or antibiotics.  Antibiotics are only used when necessary for an animals health and wellbeing. 


Pick up at Gathered and Grown Family Farm


Grass Fed Beef-1 LB

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