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Who we are and how we got here: 

We are the Bergeron family, inspired by a love for growing wholesome, quality food and driven by the chaos of raising decent humans (our children).  Our family moved to our property in 2020 with a vision of growing a market garden and producing ethically and sustainably raised livestock.  Within our first year on the farm it became evident to us that our vision extended far beyond producing goods.


I, Suzanne, am an elementary school teacher.  My husband, Mat, is a tradesman and a farmer at heart.  It was always our dream to raise our family on a small farm but we didn’t exactly know what that would look like.  As I grew into my role as a Mom and my passion for child development and early learning deepened it became increasingly evident that our small farm would be the perfect place for me to combine my love of growing and passion for education.


The most valuable learning experiences are not confined to classrooms.  In my mind our best learning takes place when we step outside of our norm, slow down, breathe deep, and get our hands dirty. The result might be a beautifully ripe tomato or the story of a glorious mud bath.  Both are equally important and our sweet little farm is just the place to make both happen. 

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