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What is a Farm Share? 


If you have ever wanted to know your food, this is the program for you! 


We are excited to introduce our Farm Share programs (often referred to as a CSA -Community Supported Agriculture) for the 2023 season.  This program is the perfect opportunity to access a wide variety of locally produced goods all throughout the summer season with one easy pick up location.


Now, what exactly is a Farm Share? Farm Shares are a way of connecting consumers to local producers.  These programs share the risk of small-scale farming between producers and consumers.  You make an investment in a farm, or group of farms, and in return you receive goods from the producer.  


These programs bring many benefits to both consumers and producers.  With a growing desire amongst many people to know where their food comes from it is important to create a sustainable local food system.  The reality with small scale farming is that up front costs are high and the risks are even higher.  The success of a season is dependent on many factors and most are out of our control.  There are very few programs available to protect small producers, this limits producers ability to break into the market and consumers ability to obtain sustainable and ethical, locally produced food.  Having consumers pre-purchase shares provides an element of certainty to small farms and assists with upfront costs of production.  This allows us to continue to operate season after season. 

Veggie Share

12 Weeks


Grass Fed Beef Shares

3 pick ups


Egg Shares

12 Weeks


Flower Shares

6 Weeks


Farm Share Fine Print:

  • The amount and value of each vegetable pick up will vary based on the point in the season and the weather.  We work hard to guarantee the value of your box but in the event of extreme weather special considerations may be required.  In the event of a bountiful harvest Farm Share members will get to share in the bounty.

  • We do not offer substitutions.  If you are unable to use something in your share we encourage you to share or trade with a neighbour or friend. 

  • To continue our efforts towards sustainability we will provide a reusable bag when you pick up your first Vegetable share.  Please bring your bag with you for all future pick ups.

  • For beef and egg shares please bring appropriate transportation (cool/cooler bag)

  • All vegetables and egg shares will be picked up at Gathered and Grown Family Farm or The Blackfalds IGA parking lot during the pick-up window.  You understand that if your share is not picked up, the contents will be donated to a local charity.  Refunds or Credits will not be offered.

  • All other shares will be picked up directly from Gathered and Grown Family Farm on Saturday mornings.  Failure to pick up without prior arrangement will result in product being donated to a local charity.  Refunds or Credits will not be offered.

  • You agree to pay for your share in full upon registration unless you have set up an alternative arrangement with Suzanne (to be completed before the first pick up).

  • All produce will be picked fresh for you

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