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Farm Rules / FAQ’s

We would really like to participate in farm school but have vacations planned, do you offer a prorated or drop in option? 

  • Unfortunately we do not offer a drop in options for our farm school programs.  If you are interested in coming to the farm on a drop in basis check out our Families on the Farm program.  For parented farm school programs we offer the option of having someone take your place when you are not able to attend.  You are welcome to invite a friend or family member to join us (just give us a heads up first if possible).


If the weather is really horrible will the program still run?  

  • Yes, we are a rain or shine program, that includes those miserable blustery days.  We have a 110 foot greenhouse that serves as a great place to learn when the weather isn’t in our favour.  


My child is in Blooms, are we able to have a friend take their place while we are away?

  • Unfortunately we cannot have people take your child’s place in unparented programs.  


We have never been to the farm before, what do we need to know before we arrive?

  • Great question! Please see this post to find all of the details that you need for your first visit.

Can we bring our dog along with us?

  • As much as we would love to meet your pup (or any pet you may have) we ask that you please leave them at home.  We have many animals of our own and to ensure their safety and health we are not able to have other animals on our premises. 


Do you offer any food services?

  • We have our ice cream bike ready to go for all Families on the Farm sessions and special events.  During special events we also offer the option of pre ordering a picnic of local products for your family to enjoy. Send us an email for more details. 


I am interested in your Farm Share (CSA) program but really really dislike a few vegetables.  Do we have the option of picking what we get each week?

  • Unfortunately at this time we cannot accommodate many requests for swaps.  If you have an allergy or are adverse to specific vegetables please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.


I am an avid meal planner, how can I plan my meals without knowing what I will get each week? 

  • Great question! This was one of my greatest barriers when we first learned about farm shares.  To help you plan and use up what you are given we provide a list by email of what you will be receiving in your share the day before pick up.  We also include tried and true recipe ideas in our emails to help you plan and use “new to you” veggies.  


We are interested in your Farm Share (CSA) program, but will be away for a few weeks.  Can we opt out of the weeks we will be away?

  • We don’t have an opt out option but we would encourage you to talk to family and friends to see if they would like to pick up your box that week.  If you do not have someone to pick up your box while you are away we will connect with local agencies to ensure your veggies end up on a deserving table.


We missed out on a space in your Farm Share program, can we still purchase your eggs and produce?

  • Yes! We will have produce available during Families on the Farm on Saturday mornings and the option of pre ordering for pick up during Farm School programs. Quantities will vary each week.

We are planning a day trip to check out your Families on the Farm program,  we see the program is done at noon, what else is there to do in the area?

  • We are located in the perfect location to take in our program in the morning and check something else out in the afternoon.   Our farm is located approximately 5 minutes from Parkland Beach, a public beach with washrooms (pit toilets), a playground, and a roped off swimming area.  There are also multiple boat launches within 10 minutes.  


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First visit Info:


Welcome to Gathered and Grown!  We are so excited to have you visit our farm.  We have gathered some important information for you below so you can get the most out of your first visit


Things to bring:

  • Water bottles 

  • Weather appropriate clothing (jacket, sweater, rain gear, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses)

  • Snacks or money to enjoy a locally made ice cream treat


Amenities we offer:

  • Washroom 

  • Picnic tables 

  • Fire Pit (additional charge)


Farm Rules:

  • Parents are responsible for the supervision of all children in their care at all times

  • No pets

  • No smoking anywhere on the premises

  • Respect all signs, fences, and gates

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