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We Had a Dream...

We had a dream of a simple life. Every move we have made as a family over the past few years have been towards that dream. Often in our day to day lives I see where we are failing to give our kids simplicity. With increasing frequency we are starting to see our kids delighting in simple things. It doesn’t come naturally and it often isn’t what our kids see in the world around them.

Tonight was a beautiful reminder that we are making progress. Today is the feast of St. Enda, which is similar to a birthday celebration in our house.

Enda got to pick dinner, Mac and cheese and shake and bake. We made his favourite dessert, puffed meat (wheat) squares and chocolate dipped strawberries. To wrap up the evening he got a few gifts, one made by Bridget and the other wrapped in a pillow case.

Nothing was fancy or overly special. Everything I did was simple yet it was hands down one of the best nights we have had as a family in a long time. Progress feels good.

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