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Guess who's back!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

A big part of the program is setting goals for the season, which we had already done but Tam is really challenging me to dive deeper into them. I wanted to be really modest in my goals given the realities of our life but the real reason for my modesty is I don't want to put myself out there and not be successful. So, setting aside my debilitating fear of failure, we have some pretty incredible things planned for this summer.

Keep your eye peeled for more details over the nextAfter far too much silence over the winter I am excited to be back sharing more consistently. A long update post on our winter is certainly in order but for now I am going to share a few sneak peeks of what the season a head holds for us.

First off, mud. The season ahead of us contains so much mud! Following all of the underground work Mat did in the fall there is an absolutely incredible amount of mud in our yard. This isn't the fun to play in mud, this is the mud that pulls your boots right off of your feet. We knew we would have lots of GUR (ground under repair, as my Dad refers to it) this summer but I blocked the melting/raining season out when I thought about it.

Second, and far more exciting than mud, I was accepted into a business mentorship program through Young Agrarians. My mentor is Farmer Tam from Prairie Gardens, located just north of Edmonton. This is a pretty huge opportunity for us as I am able to take in so many learning opportunities on all aspects of running a farm business. few weeks and months. As a bit of a teaser I will let you know you can expect some pretty amazing on farm programs and lots of opportunities to purchase our products.

psst....I have 50 more chickens arriving this month, so many eggs on the horizon!

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