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We Are Raising Them Better

We are raising them to be better.

Here is a little story about something I have affectionately come to refer to as the Twin Tax. I suppose you could also refer to it as the Stupid Tax, but I am pegging it on the mom dumbs that have been a constant part of my life since the twins rolled in. The Twin Tax is when I do stupid things that cost us time, money or energy.

We have a subscription to Hello Fresh that we haven't used in over a year. Instead of canceling it like a normal human would I just skip the deliveries on a never ending basis. This week I forgot to skip so I got a notification that a box was on its way. Not a problem except the box gets delivered to my friends place in town. Also not a problem except my friend has since sold her place and a new family has moved in. Not a problem, we can make this work, Mat is in the area and once I get the notification it has been delivered he will swing by and grab it, no problem.

Yesterday afternoon at about 12:30 I got the notification it had been delivered so Mat swung by around 1:30 to grab it. The conversation went something as follows.

Mat: I think our meal box was delivered here by mistake. AH: Ya Mat: Did you get it? AH: Ya Mat: Can I have it? AH: It is over in the dumpster *promptly closes the door on Mats face*

Mat takes a little peak and the empty box is in the recycling bin. (You can take creative liberties with your assumption of the abbreviation AH)

So the guy has our food and refuses to give it back.

I have a whole host of emotions and thoughts about the situation. I am feeling pretty stupid that I didn't just deal with canceling the subscription or at the very least change the address. I am also absolutely astounded that someone could knowingly claim someone else's package and not hand it over when confronted about it. Baffling!

As I fight the thought hole of negative self talk I have tried to spend my day focusing on raising our kids better. I often hear people talk about fearing for their children in our world. I don't often fear for our children in this world because I strongly believe this world needs our children.

We currently have this guy out numbered four to one. For this one selfish, entitled person we are putting in the work to raise four kind, responsible, selfless, determined individuals. We are raising people who will go back to have their bill corrected not only when they are charged too much but also when they are not charged enough. They will (hopefully) be filled with character, virtue and grace, along with an ability to forgive themselves. Heaven knows if our kids are anything like me they will need to be able to offer themselves a lot of forgiveness.

Happy Wednesday Friends!

p.s. if you think I am taking this well I am not, I am fairly bitter and am feeling a touch spiteful. I hope the produce was rotten, portion sizes were small and the he burns every meal he eats this week...and that the food nourishes his soul just as much as it does his body.

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