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I'll bring my own darn door!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I haven’t written much about being back in the ‘classroom' this fall as it has taken

a lot of work to process and come to terms with. One of the most challenging adjustments has been my teaching space. My school is beyond capacity, we started the year with many classes in hallways, offices and open spaces. Several classes actually had to share classrooms (classrooms used by two classes at the same time).

It was an intense and challenging season for every single staff member, even those with their own, ’real’, classrooms. In November we got our new portables which allowed everyone to move into their own classroom with the exception of me and my kinders. Is it ideal? No. Is it functional? Mostly. Am I making the best of it? I am trying my hardest too.

Let me be abundantly clear, me being in this space makes the most sense. I am only there 2 or 3 days a week. It would not make any sense, and would be incredibly unfair, for a full time class to be in

my space while a classroom sat empty 50% of the time. I tend to have a fairly large personal space, especially in my classroom. I also share my space with before and after school care. The ladies who run our out of school care program are outstanding and incredibly conscientious. But it does add an additional layer of difficulty for me as I have about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning and no time alone in my room after school. I have had to adjust some of my routines and daily flows that I have been accustomed to for years.

All of this to say it is been an adjustment with some additional challenges. I love the staff that I work with, and honestly wouldn’t keep doing what I do if it weren’t for them. Those women truly light up my life and keep me going.

I am claiming a victory and putting the first portion of my year to rest with an incredible sense of peace after winning nothing but my pride in a door decorating contest. A few weeks ago when the contest was announced I was right ticked about it. It felt like another thing to add to my never ending to do list but the real reason I was so grumpy about it is because I don’t have a door! I feel like a natural first reaction would have been to just bow

out, but my reaction was slightly more cheeky.

With not very much grace or tact I decided the only solution to my doorless dilemma was to provide my own. I texted my Dad and within the minute he sent me a picture of two options. I made my choice and he built me a stand. The day judging was supposed to take place l lugged this thing to school and set it up. Due to a sub shortage judging was delayed so naturally I hid the door, I needed the element of surprise on my side to gain the full effect for the judges. I felt like the door itself wasn’t enough for me to assert my dominance over my less than ideal situation so my sister and I wrote a poem to seal the deal.

My space isn’t ideal. I am overstimulated 100% of the time. Making it work is an exhausting task but the reality is it is working. The 23 souls entrusted to my care are doing a great job of meeting expectations and obje

ctives. On top of what I have to teach them this year what I really want them to walk away with is the confidence and creativity needed to bring their own damn door to any situation that may require it.

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